When Should You Start Using Beard Oil?

Beard oil manufacturers will claim that you can start using your beard oil as soon as you have a bit a stubble. While this technically might be true, it is a bit of overkill, and the reason why it is a bit overkill is because At the root of every follicle you have these tiny little glands called sebaceous glands.

Sebaceous glands are responsible for giving your follicles the essential moisture it needs in order for your hair to look healthy. You have these glands all over your body with the exception of your palms, soles of your feet. However, the glands are a bit larger for your face and hair follicles. now interesting fact is that These sebaceous glands produce sebum oil which is absolutely key to understand why beard oil exists in the first place.Now as your beard follicle gets longer, it will ultimately begin to suck up all of the sebum oil and will be effectively looking for more, this is when the dreaded itch occurs and with the dry skin underneath your beard, eventually flaking will start to occur.

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