How To Use Brother’s Beard Balm

Step 1:

Take a shower. Clean your beard. While it isn’t recommended that you wash your beard with shampoo every single day, you should still be rinsing your beard with warm water every morning and every night. ( This gives you a clean canvas to work with and ensures you’re not stacking up your beard with too many oils, while still retaining the skin’s natural moisture). It’s important to dry your beard thoroughly before applying beard balm so that the hair and skin can absorb it properly. NB: Don’t use hair shampoo on your beard – they’re two very different types of hair. While you may shampoo your hair every day, your beard is much more prone to drying out and should only be washed once or twice a week.

Step 2:

Rub a small amount of balm into your hands.( A little goes a long way, so don’t overdo it and risk wasting product ) Use the back of your nail to scrape up a dime-sized amount of balm and rub it between your hands until you feel it melt and soften. ( Don’t rub the balm between your fingers – it’ll make washing the oil off of your hands much more difficult when you’re done.)

Step 3:

Work the balm into your beard. Work the balm into your beard starting at your neck, moving your hands upwards toward your chin. Scrape up some more balm if parts of your beard are still dry.

Step 4:

Once the bottom portion of your beard is thoroughly moisturized, work the balm into your sideburns and work your way down. Don’t just apply the balm to the surface of your beard ( massage it into your skin. A beard is only as healthy as the skin it grows from. ) Plus, massaging your skin can help stimulate your hair follicles, potentially helping your beard grow faster.

Step 5:

Style your beard with a comb or brush. Use your desired comb or brush to style your beard to your liking. ( While a balm won’t give you an extra strong hold like a gel or pomade would, it does offer more control than an oil or just plain water.)

Step 6:

Rinse and repeat (literally). Before you go to bed at night, rinse out the oil in your beard with warm water. When you wake up, do the whole thing over again. ( Unlike shampoo, beard balm can and should be applied every day. You’ll notice that your beard becomes softer gradually.)




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