Brother’s Beard Balm Guide

To understand what a beard balm is, its important to first understand the ingredients that are within the actual balm itself.

While every balm is unique, they typically will always have four distinct ingredient types:

  • Carrier oils

  • Essential oils

  • Spreadability agent

  • Beeswax

In order to give a beard balm its “balmy” properties, there is usually a spreadability agent added in of some sorts, the most common is going to be a shea or cocoa butter. These butters are usually found in all sorts of lotions and do a terrific job at converting a beard balm from a waxy block into something that is a bit more malleable. In addition, it will also add a terrific layer of moisture to the carrier oils that are already contained within the product.

An additional product that gives beard balm its distinct property is the inclusion of beeswax. Beeswax will help to provide a very slight hold for your beard. Beeswax does also have some great properties for your skin as well. Most prominently it will help to act as a protectant by blocking out natural pollutants that you may encounter through out the course of any given day. Of all the ingredients within a beard balm, the beeswax acts more so as a binding agent when compared to all the other ingredients.



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